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Who Are We?

Covid Test was established in mid 2021 with the aim to be the leader in planning, booking and educating the travelling public about pre-departure COVID-19 tests. The brainchild of travel industry veteran Michael Cohen, founder of Blue Powder Tours, Covid Test specialises is testing for travel purposes only, meaning we are focused on ensuring our customers get the right test at the right time so they are fit to fly.

Our Team

We have put together a team of experts from the travel industry, information technology and pathology to create Covid Test. Together we have developed a simple solution for booking a pre departure test and getting the right certification for your trip. Our experience in travel means we know how important good planning and a stress free start to a trip are, so we are putting in all our effort to ensure that is what Covid Test will enable.

Our Partner

Test quality is also very important. By partnering with Medlab, a leading diagnostic lab, we can provide a fast turnaround and reliable, certifiable PCR test results. The pathology collectors are qualified and experienced. While we cannot promise your test will be a pleasant experience, it will be done properly and with great care.

You can trust us to ensure your pre-flight Covid-19 test is a hassle free experience from when you book up until you board your flight.